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The Walking Tall Educational Theatre Project by PAST

Walking Tall is PAST’s signature educational initiative and the foundation of its overall mission to promote and protect humankind’s rich fossil heritage in Africa. Walking Tall offers workshops for secondary school learners and educators that harness this heritage to increase scientific literacy through an understanding of the origins of life and humankind.   It showcases the origin sciences as a career track in which Africa’s geographical advantage in the field can and should result in global scientific leadership. It exposes learners to applied evolution and related emerging career opportunities in agriculture, medicine and environmental remediation. It addresses Africa’s critical role in shaping humanity, and uses humankind’s recent origin in Africa as a transformative tool to instill dignity in the continent and promote equality among all people. Walking Tall’s uniqueness and effectiveness lie in its use of theatre to teach science. The learner workshops feature a professional physical theatre production that takes the audience on a journey through time from the origins of the Earth to present day,  inspiring learners to recognise, understand and value their ancient African heritage.

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